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Posted by TeamDeadDeer - January 4th, 2021


Download the game here: https://priceforfreedom.net/avarice/download

Windows (64bit, 32bit), Linux, Mac.

Alternative links: Mega.

This update covers the second part of the main quest started in the previous build. Our party is hired by Atlathkan general Alenai to pacify a whole Fort.

Alenai scene is moved after this quest, and is mutually exclusive with the new Moira scene. Which scene you get depends on who you give the Fort to.

We originally planned to have a special boss fight at the end of the quest, with special abilities and destructible environment, but for now it is a placeholder fight until we rework the combat system next update.

As usual there is a save named Build17 to begin the new quest directly. Speak to Alenai about the informant.

Next build will focus Hiho quest and scene as well as more content for Moira scene. Anyway, have fun and happy new year!


- [Patreon] Moira scene with 2 animated CG and 2 still shots.

- [Patreon] Main quest part 2.

- 3 pinups to find.

- 1 new soundtrack.

- 5 books collectibles.

- 4 new animated sprites: Corpse trader, 3 captive girls.

- 6 new locations (Bandit Fort).

- Increase characters running speed.



Posted by TeamDeadDeer - October 17th, 2020


Download the game here: https://priceforfreedom.net/avarice/download

Windows (64bit, 32bit), Linux, Mac.

Alternative links: Mega.

This update is a deep dive into the political world of Kaldea, rife with important choices that will have grave consequences through the story. Featuring General Alenai of the Atlathka army with her own scene, as well as a few familiar faces who make their return for the first time in awhile.

This update is the first of two parts, the second being the focus of the next build. Since this part of the main quest, be prepared for a lot lore and dialogue, this is a pretty substantive update.

As usual there is a save named Build16 to begin the new quest directly (travel to the trade district). We updated the walkthrough on priceforfreedom.net.


- [Patreon] Alenai scene with 2 animated CG and 2 still shots.

- [Patreon] Main quest part 1.

- [Patreon] 1 collectible to find.

- 1 new soundtrack.

- 10 new animated character sprites: Alenai, Moira, Atlathka Footmen, Bandit Lizard, Bandit Boss, Modular Worker, Kimber, Noble, Worker Speaker, Caroline.

- 4 dialogue portraits: Alenai, Moira, Caroline, Worker Speaker.

- Military camp location.

- Alenai tent location.

- Kaldea Government district location.

- Townhall location.

- Slums Warehouse 2 floors location.

- Outskirts village edge location.

- Moira's home location.

- Save are now jpeg images.

- Old saves are converted to jpeg on game launch.

- Sitting mechanic for a few NPC.

- Screen resolution and Fullscreen mode can be changed in game.

- Removed the unity launcher.

- New wiki: https://priceforfreedom.net/wiki

- New art gallery: https://priceforfreedom.net/art

- First game trailer: https://priceforfreedom.net/art/Avarice_Trailer_1_NSFW



Posted by TeamDeadDeer - August 1st, 2020


Download the game here: https://priceforfreedom.net/avarice/download

This version adds mainly two quests:

- The first involves Samara, some time after she tells her ship adventure story, but before the campfire scene that was featured in the last update. Rest at Nathan inn to trigger this quest.

- The second is a continuation of Verona story, in which she has a special request for you. Entering Nathan inn after having done Mara's cult quest should trigger it. As always we added a save named "Build15" which place you directly in front of the new content.


- [Patreon] Verona second quest.

- [Patreon] Verona second scene with 2 animated CG and 5 still shots.

- [Patreon] Samara third quest with 1 collectible.

- [Patreon] Garroth mini-quest.

- Add the Slums location in Kaldea.

- Shaman hut location.

- Zahra shaman animated sprite.

- New Abomination enemy.

- Items stacks can finally be split in the inventory.

- Items can now be dropped on the ground and picked up.

- 7 new items.

- New Diff system for the dialogue editor.

- SubscribeStar support.



Posted by TeamDeadDeer - May 17th, 2020


Hey folks, we just released a new update for Avarice!

Public update

You will have the privilege to be robbed a second time by Iski the Kobold, with the inevitable smut scene that ensues. The game can be downloaded for free here: https://priceforfreedom.net/#avarice-download

Patreon update

This time it focuses on Samara, who lets you explore her past in a very special way. To begin her quest you need to complete Mara cult quest, and go to Nathan's Inn. For Samara scene, finish this quest and build a camp with the camping supplies outside the city, in the outskirts for example. As usual the walkthrough is available here is you have difficulty.For convenience, a save named "Build 14" was also added in the game and will place you just before the quest begins.



- [Patreon] Samara new quests.

- [Patreon] Samara scene with 3 animated CG.

- [Patreon] 3 Samara pinups.

- [Public] Iski second scene.

- Samara sprite rework.

- Reworked Samara first quest.

- New pirates enemies sprites and abilities.

- Samara theme soundtrack (2 variants).

- Nathan's Inn theme soundtrack (2 variants).

- 5 collectible pictures.

- 5 new locations (Galleon).